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Baby Easton – Australian Sheppard Puppy

This is Easton…he is 10 weeks old and he doesn’t trust the camera yet.  He’s about a 1/2 second away from pouncing in the direction of the camera to try and eat it.

He has a facebook page here:

Easton the Australian Sheppard Pupppy

Easton staring down the camera



Attack Squirrel

This little guy was somewhat aggressive and was NOT a fan of having his photo taken.  I tried to get him to sign the waiver to allow his photo to be used on the web…he refused.  Hopefully his lawyer can’t find me.

No really, he kept coming at me…I eventually had to move a little quicker in order to get away.  Click on the image for more photos of this area in Lincoln Park.

He’s about to attack me. He patrols Lincoln Park just North of Fullerton in Chicago. Just hide if you see him.