Dreaming of Palm Trees

Longing for summer….took this in Playa del Carmen on a vacation a few years back.  I had to use HDR to get the palm tree to show up as it was mostly in its own shadow.

Just trying to think warmer.

Palm Tree for summer inspiration


Is it summer yet?

We were out visiting my wife’s family in Illinois over the holidays and it was blisteringly cold.  This photo just says cold to me.  It was a little darker out and I had a 300m zoom (* 1.5 = 450mm) on so you can see the snow trails as this poor Cardinal just looks cold.

May have to post a beach photo next just to warm us all up.  Enjoy.

Frozen Cardinal



Tulips in Boston…can’t decide which one

Back in May, my wife and I took a train up to Boston for the weekend.  While wandering through the park, we were over taken by tulips.  They were everywhere.

I had so much fun taking photos (I prefer taking photos of tulips from below), but I can’t decide whether I like the original photo or the HDR version better.  Any preferences?


White Tulips in Boston


White tulips in Boston…HDR

If that isn’t enough…I have plenty more Tulip photos (yes, all from below).  See my galleries with tulips as the keywords:



London Birds

I took this photo several years ago…before I started getting into photography.  Therefore, I think this shot is more luck than skill.  We just loved all of the birds in the foreground and the church (I think…don’t remember what this building is) in the background with the beautiful sky.

Let me know what you think.

Birds flock to church


Not my car…

Another random Chicago night…happened to be walking by an extremely nice Bentley at night.  I felt the need for a photo, but this one took several tries to get an in focus shot as I had no tripod and nothing to rest on but my knee.

I’m not really a car person, but I wouldn’t say no to it.



Surprised Duck

Wat r u looking at?

I was walking through Lincoln Park just north of Fullerton in Chicago when I started a duck in the tall grass.  He popped up and I spun and took a photo. His lady friend was still hiding when I took this one.  She popped her head up soon after.

It was a wonderful spring day…not like the cold windy day we have in NY today. Enjoy.


Yellow Bird on a Yellow Flower

While visiting my in-laws in the Western side of Illinois, the birds couldn’t stay away from the yellow flowers.  This one was kind enough to hold still long enough for a nice portrait.

Hope you like it.

Yellow bird on a yellow flower


Old Wooden Dock

On our honeymoon, we spent some time in Playa del Carmen and found this dock as we walked along the beach one evening.  By making this an HDR image, the wood grain just looked so much more dramatic.  If only there wasn’t the yellow tape.  I know…I just edit it in Photoshop, but that just feels like cheating.  Maybe one day.

Do I leave the tape or edit it out?

Old Wooden Dock in HDR


Tulip in Chicago from our Wedding Day

My wife and I decided to behave somewhat differently for our wedding…we didn’t tell anyone we were getting married.  On our day, we decided to walk around Chicago like every other tourist and found these beautiful tulips and thought they looked great from below.  Here is one of the fun images we found on our day.

Hope you like it.

Tulip from our wedding day


Music Venue across the lake

On a nice walk in North Carolina (near Cary) around this pond.  Across the pond is a nice outdoor music venue.  The reflections looked wonderful in the water.

Hope you enjoy it…

Music Venue in Cary, NC