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Warmer days in New York

We were out on a visit to Governors Island in New York in July and everyone was kind enough to sit still long enough for this shot.  There was an art display built up along the lawn that made this photo fun to play with.

It’s cold and rainy here this week so I needed something to make me think of warmer temperatures…

Governor's Island, New York City

Governors Island, New York City in July.


Fallen Redwood

We were in Big Trees National Park in Northern California a few years ago and we found this monstrous Redwood tree hollowed out.  We barely came up to the midpoint of the tree in another photo.  I really wanted to bring out the highlights of this so I used HDR to bring them into the light.

If you are curious about HDR, I recommend checking out Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck in Customs blog; there are fantastic tutorials there.

Fallen Redwood


Celebration toss

Took this at our friend’s wedding reception…the light level was outrageously low.  The ceilings were high so not much to bounce the flash off of.  The only thing left to do was adjust the ISO and pray.  Luckily, I caught this photo mid throw.  This is one of my favorite photos and I was able to salvage some of the grain in the photo by enhancing the grain and just enjoying the different look and feel.

Sophie enjoying her day


The Cart Path at Sunset…

Yes, just a cart path.  I was up at the Kohler Resort in Wisconsin and took a wander in the evening hoping to catch a nice sunset.  Happened to come by the Blackwolf Run Golf Course in the evening and found this simple curved cart path.  I love the top of the grass and how golden it was in contrast to the rough on the other side and it looked wonderful in the evening.

Hope you like it.  Click on the image to see more golf photos.

Cart path at Blackwolf Run at sunset


Dreaming of Palm Trees

Longing for summer….took this in Playa del Carmen on a vacation a few years back.  I had to use HDR to get the palm tree to show up as it was mostly in its own shadow.

Just trying to think warmer.

Palm Tree for summer inspiration


Tulips in Boston…can’t decide which one

Back in May, my wife and I took a train up to Boston for the weekend.  While wandering through the park, we were over taken by tulips.  They were everywhere.

I had so much fun taking photos (I prefer taking photos of tulips from below), but I can’t decide whether I like the original photo or the HDR version better.  Any preferences?


White Tulips in Boston


White tulips in Boston…HDR

If that isn’t enough…I have plenty more Tulip photos (yes, all from below).  See my galleries with tulips as the keywords:



Not my car…

Another random Chicago night…happened to be walking by an extremely nice Bentley at night.  I felt the need for a photo, but this one took several tries to get an in focus shot as I had no tripod and nothing to rest on but my knee.

I’m not really a car person, but I wouldn’t say no to it.



Old Wooden Dock

On our honeymoon, we spent some time in Playa del Carmen and found this dock as we walked along the beach one evening.  By making this an HDR image, the wood grain just looked so much more dramatic.  If only there wasn’t the yellow tape.  I know…I just edit it in Photoshop, but that just feels like cheating.  Maybe one day.

Do I leave the tape or edit it out?

Old Wooden Dock in HDR