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Flowers in NYC


So it has been far too long since I’ve posted here… So I finally downloaded the WordPress App.


Warmer days in New York

We were out on a visit to Governors Island in New York in July and everyone was kind enough to sit still long enough for this shot.  There was an art display built up along the lawn that made this photo fun to play with.

It’s cold and rainy here this week so I needed something to make me think of warmer temperatures…

Governor's Island, New York City

Governors Island, New York City in July.


New York City Streets

Was walking through the city with my camera and just took this snapshot…played around with some setting and this is the result.

Let me know what you think


Lonely bench in New York

One of the few times in New York where you won’t find any people…so I took a picture.  I liked the bench and the curved wall heading off into the distance.

Lonely Bench in NYc

Lonely Bench in NYC


Central Park NYC Sheep’s Meadow

In June, we spent some time in Central Park for a good friend’s 1 year old’s birthday.  This was taken at the edge of the meadow…took a few photos and stitched them together and then brought it back into Lightroom.  Part of me wanted to edit that building on the left since no one likes a building under construction in their photos.  However, that building would have a crane hanging off of it a few months later during some silly hurricane named Sandy.

Hope you like it.

Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park, NYC