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Yellow Tulips

Took these in Boston in May and just loved the perspective of the yellow tulips and how they caught the sun.

Click on the photo for larger images.

Yellow Tulips in Boston


Tulips in Boston…can’t decide which one

Back in May, my wife and I took a train up to Boston for the weekend.  While wandering through the park, we were over taken by tulips.  They were everywhere.

I had so much fun taking photos (I prefer taking photos of tulips from below), but I can’t decide whether I like the original photo or the HDR version better.  Any preferences?


White Tulips in Boston


White tulips in Boston…HDR

If that isn’t enough…I have plenty more Tulip photos (yes, all from below).  See my galleries with tulips as the keywords:



Tulip in Chicago from our Wedding Day

My wife and I decided to behave somewhat differently for our wedding…we didn’t tell anyone we were getting married.  On our day, we decided to walk around Chicago like every other tourist and found these beautiful tulips and thought they looked great from below.  Here is one of the fun images we found on our day.

Hope you like it.

Tulip from our wedding day